Eureka Technology Park
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Eureka Technology Park in Dabrowa near Poznan offers* an opportunity to rent office space, training rooms and conference rooms. 

ETP is an A-class modern 5-storey office building with a total floor area exceeding 5,000 sqm and access to a comprehensive IT infrastructure and professional innovative business environment services.

ETP’s location in the rapidly developing western part of Poznan conurbation constitutes one of the centre’s main assets. ETP is situated in the vicinity of a Poznan-Zachod interchange (roads A2/S5/S11) which provides quick access to the Lawica airport.

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On the premises of ETP there is also a restaurant offering catering services.

Eureka Technology Park



To discuss office space rental please contact:


Business Infoline:

+48 61 224 00 36

Office space rental offer includes:

  • 43 modern office rooms with different floor areas and an option to join adjacent rooms
  • standard room floor: 112m2, 96m2, 89m2
  • intelligent building features
    Management System that controls automatic control of heating, air conditioning and an electronic security system
  • each segment of the building has its own air conditioning and heating control
  • entrance to the offices is protected by an electronic access control system
  • each building has its own elevator
  • our Data Center allows the use of dedicated and advanced IT services
  • internet access is included to the rental price
  • we provide 120 parking spaces

Residents can also use:

  • the Lemon restaurant that provides catering services
  • prestigious reception and hall
  • conference center with four representative rooms with a total area of 209 sqm. The rooms are equipped with multimedia, audiovisual and free WiFi.

* - The presented offer is for general information purposes only and does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of article 66 section 1 of the Polish Civil Code.