Eureka Technology Park
About company

Eureka Technology Park (ETP) is a modern and thriving technology&innovation centre located in the western area of Poznan, Poland. The main objective of ETP is to support knowledge-based economic activities and increase good business idea and scientific research commercialization effectiveness. Our company benefits from the support given by various research&development centres and business organizations. We offer an extensive range of 2B2 services, development and investment programs and a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to support companies on their way to success.

Eureka Technology Park creates a friendly environment for exchanging thoughts and ideas that inspire and propel development of the most innovative business endeavours. To answer specific needs of the business sector, ETP helps business people implement innovative solutions to their daily business operations and founds a platform for establishing co-operation between different companies. The following two Clusters operate within ETP: Plastopolis and SynergIT. New partners are most welcome!

ETP is a modern 5-storey office building with a total floor area of 5,000 sqm. A-class office rooms provide access to a comprehensive IT infrastructure and a state-of-the-art laboratory designed to carry out research and implement innovative solutions. Inside the ETP centre there is also a Conference Hall and a restaurant.

Another ETP's asset is its location, which provides easy access to the Poznan-Zachod interchange (Poznan-West; roads A2/S5/S11) and the Lawica airport.

Eureka Technology Park supports development of technology business! If you are looking for a creative environment for your company – e-mail us or call us!



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